These testimonials were recorded from Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Deconstruction donors since 2013.
(Listed Chronologically)

Thank you also for the sacrifice you and your team put forth to help others.  I pray everything can find a use.

Terry and Deb K., Homeowner, Okauchee 10/30/2013

Thanks for being so easy to work with. It was our pleasure and I would recommend any of our customers in the future to donate to Habitat.

Steve F., Residential Builder, 4/4/2014

Thank you Cindy!   You, Ken and the Habitat for Humanity volunteers were wonderful, and we appreciate all you did!  We hope the items were able to be sold and put to good use.  Again, thanks for your help.

Mary C., Homeowner, Pewaukee 4/10/2014

Thanks again. Your team was amazing! I will be in touch with you when I do my second floor bathrooms!

Mary M., Homeowner, Brookfield 5/28/2014

We appreciated the time and skill of your tremendous volunteers! It means a great deal to us to know these items will be used to help others and we would not have been able to accomplish that on our own.  Keep up the good work!  Your organization is terrific and so are you guys! Thanks for making this happen.

Amy H., Homeowner, Hartland 8/31/2014

Thanks to you, Ken, and your AWESOME crew!  It was really a great experience and we appreciated everyone’s efforts.

Michael S., Homeowner, Brookfield 10/17/2014 

It’s very gratifying to see it going to such a great organization.   The crew was fantastic.  The way everyone pitched in and just worked to get it all done was awesome.  It was great to see.  Plus the number of volunteers was impressive.  And while I really enjoyed meeting you and Ken, the best part was being able to reconnect with Jeff L.  That was an amazing and wonderful surprise.  Thanks for helping us and for all that you do.

Adam B., Homeowner, Mequon 10/23/2014

Thank you and the Habitat Team so much. You all have been wonderful to work with and we truly appreciate the expertise and care you took on the removal.  We are delighted that these items will find a new place and a family will be able to put these items to good use and enjoy them in their home!   We are truly appreciative of the work that Habitat has done and continues to do.

Krista B., Homeowner, Mequon 10/23/2014

Thanks Cindy! It went really well! You have a great crew!!  Highly recommend this process to all!  Thanks again for being so accommodating of our schedule.

Annette B., Homeowner, Whitefish Bay 10/28/2014

I am so glad it worked for Habitat to reclaim many of the items from the Eckert Door property.  It is nice to see the donated items going back to the community for use in projects and funds for the great causes that Habitat supports.  UWCU and Findorff has always been a great contributor to worthy causes and it is nice to see that we can continue to give back on something that only makes sense…reclaiming items that others will be able to repurpose.

Cheryl W., UWCU, Milwaukee 11/20/2014

Congratulations on the very impressive operation you directed that has led to many Christmas gifts to so many 🙂  It has been great meeting you and working with you to accomplish this deconstruction and recycle mission!

Yes, feel free to share my name with others in hopes of inspiring their interest in Habitat, ReStore, shopping or donating to your beautifully rooted organization.

Jeff S., Commercial Developer, Oconomowoc 12/24/2014

So what happens when you offer up your business to Habitat for Humanity?

You open as a business and you close and all the hard work is done by them. I hope that my donation will be able help those in need. Many thanks to the wonderful crew and Cindy for keeping things moving so I had no time to be sad.

Wendy R., Business Owner (shop closed), Franklin 1/22/2015

Because of Wendy we donated our items from our move to Habitat. What a professional job and the crew was so grateful they made us want to give more.

 Patty F., Homeowner, Franklin 1/24/2015

Many thanks to you, Ken and the team for a wonderful job!  I enjoyed meeting you (finally) and watching everyone in action.  We are grateful!

Jen S., Homeowner, Brookfield 3/26/2015

We worked with the Gears on the deconstruction (they were outstanding btw)…

Kelly B., Homeowner, Genesee 3/17/2015

You do an absolutely incredible job!!

Kris B., Remodeler/Builder, Elm Grove 4/7/2015

Please congratulate your team. We were impressed with the focus, skill, and enthusiasm of your crew. They obviously enjoy each other's company and the challenge of finding something different at each deconstruction. Wendy and I are pleased that there is potential for repurpose of items from our remodeling project.   Many thanks.

Peter and Wendy C., Homeowner, Waukesha 4/28/2015

On behalf of my wife Dina and I, thank you for all you guys do. I love Habitat for Humanity and we are glad to have been able to donate the items but also to see it go off so professionally. You and your team should be very proud.

 Joe & Dina G., Homeowner, Shorewood 5/26/2015

We really appreciate all your hard work, and all the volunteers that make this program possible!  Thank you again, and we’ll see you on the next one!

Catie B., Builder/Remodeler, Fox Point 6/10/2015

You and Ken and your crew are fabulous!  I hope we cross paths again in the future!

Bridget S., Marketing Manager, Mortenson, MIlwaukee 7/2/2015

We could not be more excited about the results of this partnership and we look forward to many more opportunities to do the same in the future!  Thanks again.

Chad L., Project Manager, Mortenson, Milwaukee 7/10/2015

Thanks so much. That's wonderful news that the cabinets sold already! I'm so happy that all of the items you took from our kitchen aren't ending up in a landfill and that the money you're able to raise by selling them will go to such a great cause. You all were a pleasure to work with and I will definitely refer you to anyone who could use you in the future.

Nell C., Homeowner, Glendale 7/10/2015

You are very welcome!  I am glad this worked out!  I have had the pleasure of working on a number of habitat projects and I truly admire the great things habitat does for the communities it serves.

Patrick D., Homeowner, Delafield 8/19/2015

Thanks for being so easy to work with.  It was our pleasure and I would recommend any of our customers in the future to donate to Habitat.

Steve F., Builder/Remodeler, Pewaukee 4/4/2014

Deconstruction crew removes cabinets and gives old cabinets, tops, and appliances a new home. They were organized, efficient, and above all they cleaned up afterwards. They have always been a pleasure to work with.

Cheryl R., Remodeler, Mequon 9/15/2015

The deconstruction crew was professional, hard-working working well together, super friendly and timely. They had the whole kitchen empty in about 3 hrs. I liked that they were concerned about the floor which was about the only thing staying. There was no damage to it.

Hartnett, Homeowner, Fox Point 9/22/2015

The process was efficient and easy. The team went through the details with me in advance and I knew exactly what to expect. Even knowing what to expect, the day of destruction was impressive, how quickly and cleanly they took it apart. We were happy to see as much of the house that we were planning to tear down go to additional use.

Schmitz, Homeowner, Hartland 9/29/2015

It was a painless, positive experience that promotes doing the right things for the right reasons.

Erdmann, Homeowner, Hartland 9/29/2015

Very accommodating.   Insured.   House left secured.  Giving to a worthy cause.

McCartan, Homeowner, Bay View 9/22/2015

All team members were very friendly, kind and knowledgeable regarding the deconstruction. There was no damage to any area in the house and everyone was very careful. The process was a very positive experience and I will recommend using Habitat to anyone renovating. I will be sure to donate more items as I continue renovating. Thank you for providing a great service.

Baertlein, Homeowner, Whitefish Bay 10/14/2015

We are lucky to have your organization available to us to salvage those items that can be re-used.  Makes so much more sense than sending it to the landfill.  It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.  We were very impressed with your operation.

T. Grubor, Homeowner, Elm Grove 11/3/2015

Jake was great to work with and made the whole process simple and straightforward.

T. Grubor, Homeowner, Elm Grove 11/3/2015

Win-win scenario

J.Reibe, Attorney, Thiensville 11/17/2015

Thank you and your wonderful team!  You are the best.

J. Riemer, Homeowner, Elm Grove 11/24/2015

Jake was easy to work with, even though we had to reschedule our deconstruction.

Palzewicz, Homeowner, Brookfield 1/5/2016

10/10 - All of those involved are polite, professional, courteous, and incredibly efficient. It is a great feeling to know that we are able to help out by donating items to Habitat so that others may benefit as well as leaving less of an environmental impact by keeping donated items out of landfills.

Johnson, Contractor, Whitefish Bay 1/28/2016

Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so thrilled about the way it turned out and so appreciative of the work done by Design Group Three. For Adam and me, one of the biggest highlights was that we were able to work with Habitat for Humanity as part of the process. I am so glad that came through on the article and hope that it creates awareness and visibility about the great work that you are doing in our community. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Habitat.

Thank you for all that Habitat for Humanity does and the great care you give. If there is anything Adam and I can do to be helpful, please let us know.

Once again, thank you for the wonderful experience.

Brookman, Homeowner, Mequon 2/9/2016

Saves our clients on demolition labor, dumpster costs, and gives the a tax deductible donation. Equally as important, it prevents building materials and products from going into a landfill and instead puts them to good use somewhere in the community.

Krier, Contractor, Whitefish Bay 2/17/2016

This service was a huge help on our home remodel job, and the materials get to go to good use instead of wasting away in a landfill. Jake is friendly and professional, and the entire crew was efficient, friendly and respectful of our home! I will definitely share with others! 

D. Leland, Homeowner, Whitefish Bay 7/18/2016

fast, polite, enjoyable, great communication, clean, great value, good cause, recycling on all levels!

I.Reinbold, Homeowner, Mequon 9/6/2016

I feel it is an effective way to give back to the community. Sometimes donations of cash don't seem to get to the people/organizations that need it, labor does.

Anonymous, 9/6/2016

It was my pleasure to have you and your crew "deconstruct" my property.  I must admit, the process was a bit overwhelming and I did get a bit emotional, but I am very thankful that the services you provide exist so that I not only have the opportunity to help others but also have the opportunity to do less damage to our environment.  Your program is one of the best win-win-win examples I can think of, not to mention efficient!  I was very impressed with the organization and process overall - I'm a huge process person!  You and all of the crew were just outstanding and you should all be very proud of the work that you are doing.

K.Pons Mequon, 9/21/2016